One of the main aims of Red Paws Rescue is to ensure that our Indian pups settle into loving and caring homes. We want to make everyone understand that the Indian dogs are smarter, more intelligent, easy to train, very adaptable to their surrounding and climate and hence much more suited for our homes than the foreign breeds. There are thousands of street dogs and pups that are homeless because people rather buy than adopt an Indian street dog due to the negative misconceptions about their looks, behaviour and temperament. You can save a life today by adopting an Indian puppy.


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Our foster program includes a network of individuals who are willing to keep a rescued puppy or adult dog till we find a permanent home for them. Red Paws Rescue started this program due to the fact that pups at the tender age of a month usually fall sick in shelters. This is the perfect opportunity to have a pup for a short period of time or if you are not yet ready to make a full commitment and adopting a pup.

To join our foster program please fill in our online foster program application.


To be a volunteer with us all you need is time and dedication. We would like you to visit our supporting shelter and spend some quality time with the dogs and play with the pups. Other jobs for volunteers include awareness, picking up donations etc.

To be a volunteer at our organization please fill in our online volunteer form.


We run with the help of donations from individuals just like you, we accept cash and kind donations. Your donations will help the dogs at our supporting shelters to get proper medical treatments, the pups to get all their vaccinations on time and help with our sterilization program.


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