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The organization from its humble beginning is the vision of Sadhwi Sondhi who at the young age of only seventeen decided to create awareness to the plight of stray and abandoned animals in New Delhi by starting up her very own NGO. She has always been passionate about helping animals and has an aim to provide the best medical care to the animals that need it the most. The name Red Paws Rescue comes from the name of Sadhwi's dog Red, she was a happy and playful dog who loved her bones, naps in the sun, doing her doggie tricks and watching the rain from the porch.

Our Vision

Red Paws Rescue is has been taking care of street animals for the past 12 years in New Delhi. We believe that every single effort made by people to help animals takes the cause for the ethical treatment of animals one step further. We have recently set up our own recovery centre where injured or unwell animals can be given proper medical treatment and stay before they are fit to be sent back to their area. We currently run five programs through which we can achieve our goals of providing care to animals in our city.

Our Objectives

The aims and purposes of Red Paws Rescue include finding homes for Indian dogs and pups, placing abandoned pets into loving homes, mass sterilizations of stray animals in different zones across New Delhi, better medical care and to raise awareness to our cause. We also strive to provide a safe permanent home environment for senior dogs at our rescue centre as well as provide daily meals to homeless animals on the streets of Delhi.

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