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If you have a question about our charity, interested in adopting or fostering a puppy or if you have any feedback feel free to contact us on via e-mail on

If you have Desi puppies which you wish to put up for adoption through our network please email us a few clear pictures and details of the puppy along with your contact number on

Incase you would like to report an injured dog/cat within our area (South Delhi) please share clear photos, videos as well as location to our WhatsApp only number 9958866067. Do note that we will try our best to help each and every request but we are a small team and will prioritise the critical cases. And if our center is full we will be unable to take in new cases but will try our best to assist you with on the spot treatment. Do also note we do not take in healthy community animals only those who are injured or unwell.

To know latest news, updates and rescue stories do follow us on Instagram and Facebook and tag us #RedPawsRescue #RedPawsToTheRescue

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